Proposition: Prop. 12.09: Tetrahedra are Equal iff Bases are Reciprocally Proportional to Heights

Euclid's Formulation

The bases of equal pyramids which also have triangular bases are reciprocally proportional to their heights. And those pyramids which have triangular bases whose bases are reciprocally proportional to their heights are equal. * For let there be (two) equal pyramids having the triangular bases $ABC$ and $DEF$, and apexes the points $G$ and $H$ (respectively). * I say that the bases of the pyramids $ABCG$ and $DEFH$ are reciprocally proportional to their heights, and (so) that as base $ABC$ is to base $DEF$, so the height of pyramid $DEFH$ (is) to the height of pyramid $ABCG$.


Modern Formulation

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