Branch: Algebra

Algebra is a discipline of mathematics dealing with sets (see set theory), which are structured by one or more binary operations. While studying these so-called algebraic structures (i.e. groups, rings, fields, modules, and vector spaces), algebra provides means to find solutions of equations and systems of equations formulated inside these structures.

Theoretical minimum (in a nutshell)

You should be acquainted with set theory, especially the set operations and basics about functions.

Concepts you will learn in this part of BookofProofs

  1. Part: Algebraic Structures - Overview
  2. Part: Group Theory
  3. Part: Algebraic Number Theory and Ring Theory
  4. Part: Finite Fields
  5. Part: Galois Theory
  6. Part: Linear Algebra
  7. Part: Constructions with Ruler and Compass
  8. Part: Ordered Fields and Their Topology
  9. Part: Solving Strategies and Sample Solutions to Problems in Algebra

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