In the Branches part of BookOfProofs, we systematically derive the foundations of different branches of mathematics, computer sciences, and physics. Whenever possible, we use the axiomatic method for each branch, but some branches may build upon the axioms of other branches.

In the meanwhile, the project offers thousands of definitions, theorems, proofs, and examples from undergraduate to university level.

  1. Branch: Introduction to the Axiomatic Method
  2. Branch: Logic
  3. Branch: Set Theory
  4. Branch: Number Systems and Arithmetics
  5. Branch: Algebra
  6. Branch: Analysis
  7. Branch: Topology
  8. Branch: Geometry
  9. Branch: Combinatorics and Discrete Mathematics
  10. Branch: Probability Theory and Statistics
  11. Branch: Number Theory
  12. Branch: Graph Theory
  13. Branch: Knot Theory
  14. Branch: Game Theory
  15. Branch: Theoretical Physics
  16. Branch: Theoretical Computer Science
  17. Branch: Riddles, Puzzles and Brain-Teasers

Thank you to the contributors under CC BY-SA 4.0!