Proposition: 3.35: Intersecting Chord Theorem

(Proposition 35 from Book 3 of Euclid's “Elements”)

If two straight lines in a circle cut one another then the rectangle contained by the pieces of one is equal to the rectangle contained by the pieces of the other.


Modern Formulation

If in a circle two chords $\overline{AC},$ $\overline{BD}$ intersect at the point $E$ and let the lengths of segments be defined by $|\overline{AE}|$, $|\overline{EC}|$, $|\overline{DE}|$, and $|\overline{EB}|.$ Then the respective rectangles built from these segments have equal areas, i.e. $$|\overline{AE}|\cdot|\overline{EC}|=|\overline{DE}\cdot|\overline{EB}|.$$

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