Proposition: 6.20: Similar Polygons are Composed of Similar Triangles

(Proposition 20 from Book 6 of Euclid's “Elements”)

Similar polygons can be divided into equal numbers of similar triangles corresponding (in proportion) to the wholes, and one polygon has to the (other) polygon a squared ratio with respect to (that) a corresponding side (has) to a corresponding side.


Modern Formulation

The ratio of the areas of two similar rectilinear figures is proportional to the squared ratio of the lengths of corresponding sides.1

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Adapted from (subject to copyright, with kind permission)

  1. Fitzpatrick, Richard: Euclid's "Elements of Geometry"

Adapted from CC BY-SA 3.0 Sources:

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  1. Euclid formulates this proposition generally for all similar rectilinear figures but proves it for pentagonal figures only (editor's note).