Part: Basic Algorithms

This part is dedicated to "basic algorithms". The notion "basic algorithm" is quite artificial. However, it is used here to differentiate from algorithms applying numerical or number-theoretical methods.

As such, a basic algorithm in terms of this part of BookOfProofs will be any algorithm dealing with searching, hashing, sorting, matching, traversing graphs, finding graphs, rather then with solving numerical problems.

Another distinction used here to distinguish a "basic algorithm" from other types of algorithms will be that the objects they operate on are data-structures rather than mathematical objects like numbers or equations.

  1. Chapter: Searching
  2. Chapter: Hashing
  3. Chapter: Sorting
  4. Chapter: String Matching
  5. Chapter: External Sorting
  6. Chapter: Mixing
  7. Chapter: Data Compression
  8. Chapter: Branch and Bound
  9. Chapter: And / Or Trees
  10. Chapter: Min-Max and Alpha-Beta
  11. Chapter: Satisfaction Problem Solving
  12. Chapter: Combinatorial Algorithms
  13. Chapter: Graph-Theoretic Algorithms
  14. Chapter: Network Paths
  15. Chapter: Network Flows

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