Definition: Characteristic of a Ring

Let \((R, +,\cdot)\) be a ring free of zero divisors and let \(1\) be its multiplicative and \(0\) its additive identity. Then the minimal1 natural number \(n\), for which \[\underbrace{1 + \ldots + 1}_{n\text{ times}}=n\cdot 1=0\] is called the characteristic of \(R\), and denoted by \[\operatorname{char}( R ):=n.\]

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  1. Lemma: Any Positive Characteristic Is a Prime Number

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  1. Kramer Jürg, von Pippich, Anna-Maria: "Von den natürlichen Zahlen zu den Quaternionen", Springer-Spektrum, 2013


  1. Such minimal element exists due to the well-ordering principle of the natural numbers. If in a given ring \(R\) there is no such number with \(n > 0\), then \(n=0\) is the minimal number with this property. In this case we set \(char( R )=0\), see also explanation why