Example: Trivial Subspaces, Zero Space

(related to Definition: Subspace)

Please note that every vector space \(V\) over a given field \(F\) has two trivial subspaces:

  1. \(V\) itself is a subspace of \(V\), and
  2. The subset \(U:=\{0_V\}\) consisting of the zero vector of \(V\) is also a subspace of \(V\).

\(U\) is sometimes also called the zero space. The vector \( 0_V \) has to exist, since \((V,\oplus)\) is a group, which is part of the definition of vector space. The index of the vector \(0_V\) is used to differentiate it from the zero element of the addition \(0\in F\), and can be omitted, if it is clear from the context, which zero element is meant.

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