Section: Money Puzzles

"Put not your trust in money, but put your money in trust." OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES.

  1. Problem: A Postoffice Perplexity
  2. Problem: Youthful Precocity
  3. Problem: At a Cattle Market
  4. Problem: The Beanfeast Puzzle
  5. Problem: A Queer Coincidence
  6. Problem: A Charitable Bequest
  7. Problem: The Widow's Legacy
  8. Problem: Indiscriminate Charity
  9. Problem: The Two Aeroplanes
  10. Problem: Buying Presents
  11. Problem: The Cyclists' Feast
  12. Problem: A Queer Thing in Money
  13. Problem: A New Money Puzzle
  14. Problem: Square Money
  15. Problem: Pocket Money
  16. Problem: The Millionaire's Perplexity
  17. Problem: The Puzzling Money-Boxes
  18. Problem: The Market Women
  19. Problem: The new Year's Eve Suppers
  20. Problem: Beef and Sausages
  21. Problem: A Deal in Apples
  22. Problem: A Deal in Eggs
  23. Problem: The Christmas-Boxes
  24. Problem: A Shopping Perplexity
  25. Problem: Awkward Money
  26. Problem: The Junior Clerk's Puzzle
  27. Problem: Giving Change
  28. Problem: Defective Observation
  29. Problem: The Broken Coins
  30. Problem: Two Questions in Probabilities
  31. Problem: Domestic Economy
  32. Problem: The Excursion Ticket Puzzle
  33. Problem: A Puzzle in Reversals
  34. Problem: The Grocer and Draper
  35. Problem: Judkins's Cattle
  36. Problem: Buying Apples
  37. Problem: Buying Chestnuts
  38. Problem: The Bicylce Thief
  39. Problem: The Costermonger's Puzzle

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