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The illustration is a solution. It will be found that all four sides of the frame add up $44.$ The sum of the pips on all the dominoes is $168,$ and if we wish to make the sides sum to $44,$ we must take care that the four corners sum to $8,$ because these corners are counted twice, and $168$ added to $8$ will equal $4$ times $44,$ which is necessary. There are many different solutions. Even in the example given certain interchanges are possible to produce different arrangements. For example, on the left-hand side the string of dominoes from $2—2$ down to $3—2$ may be reversed, or from $2—6$ to $3—2,$ or from $3—0$ to $5—3.$ Also, on the right-hand side, we may reverse from $4—3$ to $1—4.$ These changes will not affect the correctness of the solution.

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  1. Dudeney, H. E.: "Amusements in Mathematics", The Authors' Club, 1917

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