Proposition: Prop. 10.053: Construction of Sixth Binomial Straight Line

(Proposition 53 from Book 10 of Euclid's “Elements”)

To find a sixth binomial (straight line).


Modern Formulation

If the rational straight line has unit length then the length of a sixth binomial straight line is \[\sqrt{\alpha}+\sqrt{\beta},\]

where \(\alpha,\beta\) denote positive rational numbers.


This, and the sixth apotome, whose length according to [Prop. 10.90] is \[\sqrt{\alpha}-\sqrt{\beta},\] are the roots of the quadratic function \[x^2- 2\,\sqrt{\alpha}\,x+(\alpha-\beta)=0,\] where \(\alpha,\beta\) denote positive rational numbers.

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  1. Lemma: Lem. 10.053: Construction of Rectangle with Area in Mean Proportion to two Square Areas

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