Section: Various Dissection Puzzles

We will now consider a small miscellaneous selection of cutting-out puzzles, varying in degrees of difficulty.

Examples: 1

  1. Problem: An Easy Dissection Puzzle
  2. Problem: An Easy Square Puzzle
  3. Problem: The Bun Puzzle
  4. Problem: The Chocolate Squares
  5. Problem: Dissecting a Mittre
  6. Problem: The Joiner's Problem
  7. Problem: Another Joiner's Problem
  8. Problem: A Cutting-out Puzzle
  9. Problem: Mrs. Hobson's Hearthrug
  10. Problem: The Pentagon and Square
  11. Problem: The Dissected Triangle
  12. Problem: The Table-top and Stools
  13. Problem: The Great Monad
  14. Problem: The Square of Veneer
  15. Problem: The Two Horseshoes
  16. Problem: The Betsy Ross Puzzle
  17. Problem: The Cardboard Chain
  18. Problem: The Potato Puzzle
  19. Problem: The Seven Pigs
  20. Problem: The Landowner's Fences
  21. Problem: The Wizard's Cats
  22. Problem: The Christmas Pudding
  23. Problem: A Tangram Paradox

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  1. Dudeney, H. E.: "Amusements in Mathematics", The Authors' Club, 1917

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