Section: Various Geometrical Puzzles

"So various are the tastes of men." MARK AKENSIDE

  1. Problem: The Cardboard Box
  2. Problem: Stealing The Bell-ropes
  3. Problem: The Four Sons
  4. Problem: The Three Railway Stations
  5. Problem: The Garden Puzzle
  6. Problem: Drawing A Spiral
  7. Problem: How To Draw An Oval
  8. Problem: St. George's Banner
  9. Problem: The Clothes Line Puzzle
  10. Problem: The Milkmaid Puzzle
  11. Problem: The Ball Problem
  12. Problem: The Yorkshire Estates
  13. Problem: Farmer Wurzel's Estate
  14. Problem: The Crescent Puzzle
  15. Problem: The Puzzle Wall
  16. Problem: The Sheep-fold
  17. Problem: The Garden Walls
  18. Problem: Lady Belinda's Garden
  19. Problem: The Tethered Goat
  20. Problem: The Compasses Puzzle
  21. Problem: The Eight Sticks
  22. Problem: Papa's Puzzle
  23. Problem: A Kite-flying Puzzle
  24. Problem: How To Make Cisterns
  25. Problem: The Cone Puzzle
  26. Problem: Concerning Wheels
  27. Problem: A New Match Puzzle
  28. Problem: The Six Sheep-pens

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  1. Dudeney, H. E.: "Amusements in Mathematics", The Authors' Club, 1917

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