Subsection: Definitions from Book 3

This subsection lists the definitions from Book 3 of "Euclid’s Elements". Euclid’s definitions avoid figures. At BookOfProofs, figures are given for the most definitions.

  1. Definition: 3.01: Congruent Circles
  2. Definition: 3.02: Tangent to the Circle, Straight Line Touching The Circle
  3. Definition: 3.03: Circles Touching One Another
  4. Definition: 3.04: Chords Equally Far From the Center of a Circle
  5. Definition: 3.05: Chords Being Further from the Center of a Circle
  6. Definition: 3.06: Segment of a Circle, Arc
  7. Definition: 3.07: Angle of a Segment
  8. Definition: 3.08: Angle in the Segment (Inscribed Angle)
  9. Definition: 3.09: Angle Standing Upon An Arc
  10. Definition: 3.10: Circular Sector, Central Angle
  11. Definition: 3.11: Similar Circular Segments

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