Section: Various Arithmetical and Algebraic Problems

"Variety's the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor." COWPER: The Task.

  1. Problem: The Spot on the Table
  2. Problem: Academic Courtesies
  3. Problem: The Thirty-Three Pearls
  4. Problem: The Laborer's Puzzle
  5. Problem: The Trusses of Hay
  6. Problem: Mr. Gubbins in a Fog
  7. Problem: Painting the Lamp-Posts
  8. Problem: Catching the Thief
  9. Problem: The Parish Council Election
  10. Problem: The Muddletown Election
  11. Problem: The Suffragists' Meeting
  12. Problem: The Leap-Year Ladies
  13. Problem: The Great Scramble
  14. Problem: The Abbot's Puzzle
  15. Problem: Reeping the Corn
  16. Problem: A Puzzling Legacy
  17. Problem: The Torn Number
  18. Problem: Curious Numbers
  19. Problem: A Printer's Error
  20. Problem: The Converted Miser
  21. Problem: A Fence Problem
  22. Problem: Circling the Squares
  23. Problem: Rackbrane's Little Loss
  24. Problem: The Farmer and His Sheep
  25. Problem: Heads or Tails
  26. Problem: The See-saw Puzzle
  27. Problem: A Legal Difficulty
  28. Problem: A Question of Definition
  29. Problem: The Miners' Holiday
  30. Problem: Simple Multiplication
  31. Problem: Simple Division
  32. Problem: A Problem in Squares
  33. Problem: The Battle of Hastings
  34. Problem: The Sculptor's Problem
  35. Problem: The Spanish Miser
  36. Problem: The Nine Treasure Boxes
  37. Problem: The Five Brigands
  38. Problem: The Banker's Puzzle
  39. Problem: The Stonemason's Problem
  40. Problem: The Sultan's Army
  41. Problem: A Study in Thrift
  42. Problem: The Artilleryman's Dilemma
  43. Problem: The Dutchmen's Wives
  44. Problem: Find Ada's Surname
  45. Problem: Saturday Marketing

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