Chapter: Types of Real Functions

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  1. Definition: Constant Function Real Case
  2. Definition: Real Identity Function
  3. Definition: Reciprocal Function
  4. Definition: Real Absolute Value Function
  5. Definition: Step Functions
  6. Definition: Positive and Negative Parts of a Real-Valued Function
  7. Definition: Linear Function
  8. Proposition: Nth Roots of Positive Numbers
  9. Proposition: Rational Powers of Positive Numbers
  10. Proposition: Nth Powers
  11. Proposition: General Powers of Positive Numbers
  12. Definition: Polynomials
  13. Definition: Rational Functions
  14. Proposition: Exponential Function
  15. Section: Logarithms
  16. Section: Trigonometric Functions
  17. Section: Cyclometric Functions
  18. Section: Hyporbolic Functions
  19. Section: Inverse Hyperbolic Functions
  20. Section: Mixed Functions
  21. Proposition: Gamma Function

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